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Ratatouille Achievements

Ratatouille Achievements Players will relive all the film’s thrilling and hilarious moments as they assume the role of Remy, a young rat who dreams of becoming a great French chef, despite the obvious problem of being a rat!   Ratatouille Achievements King of the Stump5 Points Jump up on top of the tree stump in Mabel's backyard. C'mon, if Emile can do it... Rolling Hills5 Points Collect the charm on the hill using the ball. Pipe Cleaner5 Points Can you find the charm at the end of the tunnel? It's just past the waterfall. Boingy Boingy10 Points Find the room that's loaded with springboards in Home Stink Home. Past the Waterfall10 Points The waterfall is hiding a secret in Home Stink Home. Fly Remy Fly5 Points Try to navigate down to the roof of the car in The City of Lights. Timber!10 Points Locate and knock over the pipe using the ball in The City of Lights. Trojan Horseradish10 Points Trick the thief into taking the chili pepper in The City of Lights. Special Delivery20 Points Use the chili pepper against the cat in The City of Lights. Don't Look Down20 Points Can you glide around the moths in The City of Lights?. The Exterminator10 Points Squish the bugs in The City of Lights mini mission. Trunk o'Plenty20 Points Try opening the trunk of the car in The City of Lights. Down In The Dumpster10 Points Try opening the dumpster in The City of Lights. Third Time is the Charm Part 130 Points Complete all three mini missions in The City of Lights. The City of Lights: Big Bounce10 Points Complete the springboard mini mission in The City of Lights. Complete Latchkey Distraction20 Points Complete the Latchkey Distraction. Finish Elevation Extermination20 Points Finish Elevation Extermination. Complete Rolling Pin Rescue20 Points Complete Rolling Pin Rescue. Beat Chili Pepper Valve Volley20 Points Complete...
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