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Far Cry 2 Achievements

Far Cry 2 Achievements More than just a visual and technological achievement, Far Cry 2 immerses players in an entirely new kind of gaming experience, featuring a custom-made video game engine built from the ground up. Players will discover a true open world gameplay set in one of the most beautiful environments in the world, Africa, brought to life by high-definition next-gen technology.   Far Cry 2 Achievements Stickin' it to the man10 Points Kill a Faction Captain in Leboa-Sako - the Northern Territory. Wages of Conflict10 Points Aquire all conflict diamonds in the game available through payment or exploration. Making friends10 Points Save a Buddy from captivity. The best laid plans10 Points Work with a Buddy to subvert a mission offered by a faction. Wanderer10 Points Find all the Safe Houses in Leboa-Sako - the Northern Territory. Orienteer10 Points Find all the Safe Houses in Bowa-Seko - the Southern Territory. Investigative Reporter10 Points Turn over the first set of the Jackal's audio logs to the Journalist. Messenger10 Points Complete all the available Underground side-quests in both the North and the South. Supply...10 Points Unlock new weapons by hitting a Convoy. On the run10 Points Escape the Town. Down but not out10 Points Escape to Bowa-Seko - the Southern Territory. Weapon Specialist10 Points Purchase the manuals and acquire the bandolier for one weapon. Bagman10 Points Deliver stamped travel documents to the Underground in exchange for medicine. Lineman20 Points Complete a Mission intercepted from a cellular tower signal. Dawa ya moto ni moto20 Points Break the ceasefire and reignite the conflict. Lent a hand20 Points Complete a Buddy side quest. Out of the frying pan...20 Points Get rescued by a Buddy. Dr Livingston, I presume20 Points Enter every 1 square kilometer map region of the world. Pulitzer material20 Points Turn over all of the Jackal's audio logs to the Journalist. Weapons Expert20 Points Purchase...
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