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Unreal Tournament 3 Achievements

The latest entry into the Unreal franchise, Unreal Tournament 2007, will blow fans away with the gameplay, modifiability and visuals that Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 technology will deliver.   Unreal Tournament 3 Achievements Lock and Load10 Points Complete Chapter 1. Soldier's blood30 Points Complete Chapter 2. Does not compute30 Points Complete Chapter 3. Not in Kansas any more30 Points Complete Chapter 4. I'm not on a holy war60 Points Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign. Just business30 Points Complete Chapter 2 in Insane. Bag of bolts30 Points Complete Chapter 3 in Insane. Open war30 Points Complete Chapter 4 in Insane. Fear the Reaper60 Points Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign in Insane. I need some backup10 Points Complete 1 mission in co-op. Got your back20 Points Complete 10 missions in co-op. Thanks to all the little people40 Points Complete a campaign in co-op. I see how it is10 Points Complete an Instant Action match in every game mode. Untouchable20 Points Reach 20 kills against a god-like bot in instant action without dying. Like the back of my hand40 Points Collect every power up on every map. Spice of life20 Points Play a match with every mutator, using only 1 per match. Brain Surgeon10 Points Get the "Head Hunter" award in 10 matches. Don't taze me bro!10 Points Get the "Combo King" award in 10 matches. Goo God10 Points Get the "Biohazard" award in 10 matches. Pistolero10 Points Get the "Gun Slinger" award in 10 matches. Shard-o-matic10 Points Get the "Blue Streak" award in 10 matches. Hammerhead10 Points Get the "JackHammer" award in 10 matches. Strongest Link10 Points Get the "Shaft Master" award in 10 matches. Have a nice day!20 Points Get the "Rocket Scientist" award in 10 matches and "Flak Master" award in 10 matches. Big Game Hunter10 Points Get the "Big Game Hunter" award in 10 matches. Armadillo10...
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