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Supreme Commander Achievements

Supreme Commander allows gamers to take control of one of three factions-the Cybran Nation, Aeon Illuminate or United Earth Federation-and help their chosen faction win the Infinite War once and for all. Each faction has its own goals, experimental units and back-story that leads them to the game’s thrilling climax. Battles rage over land, sea and air, and the command and control system puts the gamer in charge of every aspect of the fight, engaging in titanic land, air and naval battles. The revolutionary strategic zoom gives the player the flexibility to control battle groups from a less detailed overhead map view, or zoom right down to ground level, where they can issue orders to single units. The game can handle a vast number of units on screen, and players will need every single one to take down enormous experimental units that can change the tide of battle.   Supreme Commander Achievements UEF Campaign Complete: Easy20 Points UEF Campaign Complete: Easy. UEF Campaign Complete: Normal30 Points UEF Campaign Complete: Normal. UEF Campaign Complete: Hard40 Points UEF Campaign Complete: Hard. Aeon Campaign Complete: Easy20 Points Aeon Campaign Complete: Easy. Aeon Campaign Complete: Normal30 Points Aeon Campaign Complete: Normal. Aeon Campaign Complete: Hard40 Points Aeon Campaign Complete: Hard. Cybran Campaign Complete: Easy20 Points Cybran Campaign Complete: Easy. Cybran Campaign Complete: Normal30 Points Cybran Campaign Complete: Normal. Cybran Campaign Complete: Hard40 Points Cybran Campaign Complete: Hard. Tutorial20 Points Complete the tutorial. Supreme Armorer10 Points Build 1000 ground units. Supreme Aeronautics10 Points Build 1000 air units. Supreme Shipwright10 Points Build 1000 sea units. Hail Storm10 Points Kill 1000 air units. Earthquake10 Points Kill 1000 ground units. Typhoon10 Points Kill 1000 sea units. Razer20 Points Destroy 500 buildings. Economy of Scale: Power20 Points Produce 1,000,000 power. Economy of Scale: Mass20 Points Produce 1,000,000 mass. Economy of Grand Scale: Power30 Points Produce 100,000,000 power. Economy...
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