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Risen Achievements

Risen for the Xbox 360 is an epic role-playing game set in a medieval world on a volcanic Mediterranean island. The Risen story unfolds over four chapters and will offer multiple ways to develop the story by his own actions and decisions. An innovative and intuitive user control interface will support both casual and hardcore gamers. With full world streaming support, the player experiences no tedious loading of areas while playing in a fully simulated game world with authentic characters.   Risen Achievements Field hand10 Points 10 grain plants collected. Philanthropist10 Points "Rescue Sara from the wilderness" completed. Samaritan20 Points "Medicine for everyone" completed. Peacekeeper30 Points "Peace and order" completed. Fence30 Points "A package for the Don" completed. Ladies' man10 Points "Woman beater" completed. Sidelined20 Points "Power struggle" completed. The merciful one10 Points The farmer's sick wife completed. Wise man20 Points "The test of Master Ignatius" completed. Family man20 Points "The sons of Tilda" completed. Archaeologist20 Points "The mystery of the eastern temple" completed. Little hero20 Points "Where is Patty?" completed. Rune master20 Points "The fourth seal of rune magic" completed. Ghost hunter20 Points "Find all the vassal rings" completed. Beginner10 Points First monster killed. The brave little tailor10 Points Seven grave moths killed. Ferocious wild boars10 Points 20 wild boars killed. Terror of the hens10 Points 20 chickens killed. Beast slayer30 Points 500 monsters killed. Big game hunter50 Points 2000 monsters killed. Ogre friend10 Points Rescued the ogre, Drok. Hard worker50 Points 250 quests completed. Expert20 Points 100% achieved in an attribute. Workaholic20 Points Every profession learned. Mage20 Points All crystals learned. Gladiator20 Points Every close combat talent learned. Sharpshooter20 Points Every ranged combat talent learned. Master of the classes30 Points 100 % achieved in three attributes. Fervent swimmer10 Points Caught by the tideworm 10 times. The fourth triplet10 Points 10 treasures found. Idiot10 Points Fell to death...
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