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Afro Samurai Achievements

Afro Samurai Achievements Afro Samurai is an action-adventure game featuring never before seen combat mechanics, stunning visuals, and an amazing cast of characters creating a brutally fresh entertainment experience. Afro Samurai utilizes a dynamic cross-hatching art style and cut-scene paneling that makes the game look like a comic come to life while its innovative combat system gives players the ability to dynamically cut enemies at any point in the body. Starring Samuel L. Jackson; featuring a hip-hop musical score produced by The RZA of Wu-Tang clan fame, Afro Samurai blends contemporary street and Japanese culture in the stylish world created by Takashi Okazaki and animated by revered animation studio, Gonzo. Follow the epic tale of Afro Samurai as he seeks vengeance against Justice, who murdered his father. Nothing personal… It’s just revenge.   Afro Samurai Achievements A Secret History10 Points Complete "THE DAIMYO'S STORY". The Death of Innocence15 Points Complete "SCHOOL INVASION". The Price for Vengeance20 Points Complete "SWORD MASTER'S STORY". Love Lost25 Points Complete "OKIKU'S STORY". The Path to Godhood30 Points Complete "THE LOWDOWN EAST PASS". And so it begins5 Points Complete "PRELUDE". Copy-Cat Killer35 Points Complete "THE DOPPELGANGER". The Past Laid to Rest40 Points Complete "KUMA'S STORY". All That Stood Are Gone45 Points Complete "THE EMPTY SEVEN'S STORY". Revenge Served?50 Points Complete "JUSTICE'S STORY". Completionist200 Points Complete the game on both difficulties. Closer to God5 Points Slice an enemy using a Vertical Attack with a bonus. This Little Piggy10 Points Slice off fingers and toes at the same time. Give Me a Hand10 Points Slice off an enemy's hand. Two Birds One Sword5 Points Slice 2 enemies at once. Three-way5 Points Slice 3 enemies at once. Four to the Floor10 Points Slice 4 enemies at once. The Child Without a Name5 Points Collect 5 mementos in "THE DAIMYO'S STORY". Afro Samurai5 Points Collect 5 mementos in "SCHOOL INVASION". The Demon...
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