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Madden NFL 08 Achievements

Coming into its 18th year and with more than 60 million copies sold and having generated over $2 billion in retail sales, Madden NFL Football continues to stand out as one of the most popular videogame franchises of all time.   Madden NFL 08 Achievements 60 Yard Pass15 Points Complete a 60 yard pass. 60 Yard Run15 Points Complete a 60 yard run. 90 Yard Pass30 Points Complete a 90 yard pass. 80 Yard Run35 Points Complete an 80 yard run. Intercept 2 Passes20 Points Get 2 interceptions with one player. Intercept 5 Passes35 Points Intercept 5 total passes in one game. Deflect 4 Passes20 Points Deflect 4 or more passes with one player. 7 Sacks with One Player35 Points Sack the Quarterback 7 times with one player in one game. 8 Tackles with One Player10 Points Get 8 tackles with one player in one game. Recover 2 Fumbles25 Points Recover 2 fumbles in one game with one player. Force 3 Fumbles10 Points Force 3 fumbles with one player. 200 Kick Return Yards20 Points Achieve 200 Kick Return Yards with One Player. Max 5min Qtr. 200 Punt Return Yards20 Points Get 200 punt return yards in one game with one player. 4 TD Passes10 Points Throw 4 touchdown passes in one game. Score 84 Points35 Points Score 84 or more points in one game. Max 5min Qtr. 10 Catches in a Row15 Points Catch ten passes in a row with one player. Max 5min Qtr. 20 Completions in a Row25 Points Get 20 completions in a row with one player. 300 Pass Yards10 Points Achieve 300 passing yards in one game. 500 Pass Yards30 Points Pass for 500 yards in one game. 80 Percent Pass Completion15 Points Complete 80 percent of the attempted passes in one game. 100 Percent Pass Completion.25 Points 100 Percent Pass Completion. Complete 25 Passes30...
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