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Earthworm Jim Achievements

Earthworm Jim Achievements Initially released in 1994, Earthworm Jim’s games garnered such a cult following that the character’s popularity took him far beyond video games into an animated TV series, Toys and Comic books. Earthworm Jim centers around an ordinary earthworm who engages in normal worm activities- eating dirt, crawling and fleeing from hungry birds- that is until he comes across a high tech indestructible space suit. Jim takes refuge in the space suit while fleeing from hungry birds. The suit’s powerful atomic particles cause him to grow and obtain newfound powers.   Earthworm Jim Achievements Bin Collector10 Points Kill Billy the Bin in New Junk City. Atom Raider10 Points Collect 100 atoms (without exiting the game). Atom Jefferson15 Points Collect 500 atoms (without exiting the game). Groovy Leader25 Points Be "No.1" in each Xbox LIVE multiplayer level. Canadian Stunt5 Points Use the whip to swing from any moose head in Single Player mode. Superhero!35 Points Get through Single Player mode in Original difficulty in one sitting in under 50 minutes. Banker Whipper5 Points Whip the banker twice in What The Heck?. Space Collector15 Points Collect more than 100 Blue Orbs (without exiting the game). Super Space Collector20 Points Collect more than 300 Blue Orbs (without exiting the game). Snot an Achievement10 Points Launch the cow in New Junk City. Earthworm Never Dies35 Points Clear Single Player mode in Original difficulty in one sitting without losing a life. World Partnership15 Points Complete all the Xbox LIVE multiplayer game levels....
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