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Meteos Wars Achievements

Take a ride through this intergalactic journey where you slide, stack and ignite your blocks to blast away the world-ending meteors! Only you can stop them from falling and crushing your planet. Master the combo links and power-ups to challenge your friends in intense multiplayer sessions. A puzzle game can’t get any better than Meteos Wars, where the story, situation and environments formulate one explosive adventure! Meteos Wars features several gameplay modes and tons of unlockables with a focus on both single and multiplayer play. The game has received an audio and visual facelift and picked up a few new features along the way, keeping the Meteos experience fresh and creating hours of excitement.   Meteos Wars Achievements Geolyte 510 Points Use Geolyte 5 times. Planet Impact 1010 Points Use Planet Impact 10 times. Eraser 1010 Points Clear the screen 10 times. Attack Mode 2010 Points Play Attack Mode 20 times. Mission E10 Points Clear Mission Mode on Easy. Mission N20 Points Clear Mission Mode on Normal. Mission H20 Points Clear Mission Mode on Hard. Meteo 10,00020 Points Launch 10,000 Meteos. Accessories 1020 Points Obtain 10 accessories. Accessories 2020 Points Obtain 20 accessories. Planets 1020 Points Unlock 10 planets for use. Planets 2030 Points Unlock 20 planets for use....
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