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Puzzle Chronicles Achievements

Enter the dark and savage lands of the Asharin Empire as you battle to avenge the atrocities the Empire brought upon your tribesmen. On your challenging quest you will fight fierce beasts and battle hardened warriors with a new puzzle combat mechanics that will test your skills. This new puzzle combat system is based on real time action so players will have to think fast and posses sound strategies to best their opponents.   Puzzle Chronicles Achievements Humble Beginnings5 Points Finish the Tutorial map. Zombie Hunter10 Points Defeat Zulac. Basilisk's Bane10 Points Defeat Iriki. Giant Slayer15 Points Defeat Arokk. Story's End25 Points Defeat the Horned Daemon. Conquering Hero20 Points Win 15 Ranked Xbox LIVE multiplayer games. Skillfully Done10 Points Raise any one of your Stats to 25. Dungeon Delver10 Points Unlock 10 Dungeons. Finder of Secrets15 Points Uncover a secret location. Dog Trainer15 Points Train your Warbeast to level 25. Craftsman15 Points Forge 10 items. Deathbringer50 Points Collect all 60 Awards....
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