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Rocket Knight Achievements

In Rocket Knight, players take on the role of a fiery opossum named Sparkster who returns home to the Kingdom of Zephyrus after 15 years to find it in shambles. Using wits and a trusty rocket pack, players must steer clear and overcome a hostile wolf army looming to take the lives of the Zephyrus people. A 2.5D action adventure title, Rocket Knight brings expansive new worlds, each with massive platform levels and a rocket flying level.   Rocket Knight Achievements Elhorn Tourist30 Points Completed all stages. Zephyrus Saviour35 Points Completed Arcade Mode on Normal. Devotindos Defiler25 Points Completed Arcade Mode on Hard in a Single Playthrough. Legendary Possum20 Points Completed Gold Sparkster Mode. Impatient Hero20 Points Completed all stages below par time. Spark Dog Millionaire15 Points Completed Arcade Mode scoring 1,000,000 or more. Redoubtable Runner15 Points Completed Arcade Mode on Hard within 60 minutes. Ferocious Flier10 Points Completed 1.2 having defeated all enemies. Wolf Connoisseur10 Points Completed 2.1 having collected all pickups. Nimble Knight10 Points Completed 3.2 without taking damage. Burst Friends5 Points Defeat 5 enemies in a single Rocket Burst or Drill attack. Woodland Bouncer5 Points Defeat 3 enemies with a single reflected projectile....
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