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Shadow Assault/Tenchu Achievements

Tenchu, the world-famous ninja action game, is now on Xbox Live Arcade. Control your favorite characters as you use a variety of ninja weapons to defeat your enemies and complete your missions. Use traps in multiplayer mode to kill your friends for massive points!   Shadow Assault/Tenchu Achievements Neophyte10 Points Finish Mission 1 without being spotted by anyone except Echigoya. Apprentice10 Points Finish Mission 28 without being discovered by anyone. Footsoldier10 Points Finish Mission 8 with at least 90 seconds left. Genin10 Points Finish Mission 21 with at least 60 seconds left. Spy15 Points Finish Mission 11 without taking any damage. Chunin15 Points Finish Mission 26 without taking any damage. Oniwaban15 Points Pull off a 15-hit combo.(Solo Play). Jonin15 Points Pull off a 20-hit combo.(Solo Play). Veteran Ninja20 Points Pull off a 25-hit combo.(Solo Play). Expert Ninja20 Points Unlock Kagura. Master Ninja25 Points Unlock Onikage. Legendary Ninja35 Points Unlock all available characters....
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