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Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Mass Effect 3 Trailer

It’s been over eighteen months since gamers braved Mass Effect 2’s suicide mission, with players’ Shepards either rescuing the crew of the Normandy in the nick of time, or seeing some of them gooified or killed in action. The real world has seen its fair share of trouble in the past year and a half, however things are decidedly worse in the Mass Effect universe. In Mass Effect 3, the genocidal Reapers have staged a full invasion of Earth, leaving major cities in ruins and giant robots stomping about the place.

In the concluding chapter of Commander Shepard’s story, he (or she) must rally the various races of the galaxy for a climactic showdown against the Reapers on Earth, attempting to break the cycle of destruction that’s gone on for millennia. In much the same way as he had to build a crew to assault the Collector stronghold in Mass Effect 2, ME3 sees Shepard having to build an interstellar alliance to take back humanity’s homeworld.

Mass Effect’s branching storyline winds on in the third instalment, with fresh twists and turns, and different plot developments depending on your actions in the previous two games. That means if you’ve managed to shepherd a save file through Mass Effects 1 and 2, you’ll see the consequences of the decisions you made over the past four years played out as the story builds to its climax.

Newbies won’t be left out of the fun, however — just like Mass Effect 2, it’ll be possible to enjoy ME3’s branching plot from start to finish without importing an older saved game. And for die-hard fans, favorite characters including Wrex, Ashley, Miranda, Thane, Jack and Legion will make an appearance too, providing they made it out of Mass Effect 2’s suicide mission alive.

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