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X-Men Destiny Review

X-Men Destiny Review

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Every now and then, a game comes out that reinvents an idea or revolutionizes gameplay.
X-Men destiny is not one of those games.

X-Men Destiny does not do anything new with gameplay, and has a simple, unexciting, and forgettable story.
As well as bland repetitive combat which makes up the entirety of the game.

The game appears to take place in some sort of alternate timeline, but is never really fully explained.
The game opens into a large event happening in San Fransisco, where apparently humans and mutants plan to sign
some sort of agreement to get along.

As the speech goes on you are given the choice of three different characters. You can choose; A large college football
player that doesn’t know or care about the struggle between mutants and humans, a small chinese girl that was born from mutant parents,
and lastly the son of a purifier (an anti-mutant group that make up the vast majority of badies you have to kill).

There is no real difference in gameplay or story depending on which character you choose, it only affects minor dialogue options which have no
impact on the game.

Then, after which character to play as, everything goes to hell as what appears to be an
attack from Magneto occurs. And then you get to choose your characters power.

The three powers can be summed up as, a high damage power, a high defense and and strength power, and a distance attack power.
The power chosen does not change the gameplay or combat in any way, it just changes the look of the power, and changes the potential upgrade powers available.

The bulk of all gameplay consists of fighting waves and waves of baddies, with a few generic big boss battles and not much else.

The story attempts to have a moral choice system, yet it falls flat as it has no impact, does not change gameplay, and hardly changes the story.

Overall, this game is mediocre, with an uninteresting story, boring repetitive gameplay, and a failure of a moral choice system. 5/10

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