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Yosumin Live Achievements

Yosumin! is a puzzle game where you find rectangles of matching tiles known as “yosumin” and make them disappear. Make massive rectangles for the ultimate feeling of satisfaction! Yosumin! is a deceptively simple yet fiendish challenge, and it’s not just about solo play-there are online battle modes to enjoy as well!


Yosumin Live Achievements

Crafty CleanerCrafty Cleaner10 Points
Create one full Yosumin (a set of all the yosumin on the screen).
Web WarriorWeb Warrior10 Points
Play Online Battle Yosumin! mode once.
Man of MysteryMan of Mystery10 Points
Earn one secret bonus.
.1-Minute Man.1-Minute Man15 Points
Clear a stage within 8 seconds.
Hip to be SquareHip to be Square15 Points
Make five square sets in a row.
Consecutive CleanerConsecutive Cleaner15 Points
Make two or more full Yosumin! in a row.
Legendary LinkerLegendary Linker15 Points
Make 30 or more continuous chains in a single stage.
Ten to the Power of FunTen to the Power of Fun10 Points
Play Online Battle Yosumin! ten times.
PentagenerianPentagenerian25 Points
Clear 50 stages of Endless Yosumin! mode (continues allowed).
Nine-digit NinjaNine-digit Ninja20 Points
Score 100,000,000 points.
Heavyweight BoxerHeavyweight Boxer20 Points
Clear a total of 100,000 yosumin.
YosumaphiliacYosumaphiliac35 Points
Clear Yosumin! Battle mode within 13 minutes without continuing.


Yosumin Live – DLC: Adventure Mode Achievements

Tiles and TribulationsTiles and Tribulations10 Points
Complete Yosumin! Adventure mode.
Om nom nom nom nomOm nom nom nom nom10 Points
Collect all the Treats in Yosumin! Adventure mode.
Nice Nice BabyNice Nice Baby30 Points
Earn Nice Clearance on all courses in Yosumin! Adventure mode.


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