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Zoids Assault Achievements

Beasts of Steel. Diverse battlegrounds. An intense covert military campaign in the middle of a tense cold war. Advanced tactics including support fire and electromagnetic pulse systems. Tons of customization and upgrade options, including melee weapons, rockets, rifles, machine guns, shotguns, cannons, and more. Zoids Assault, a new and decidedly original strategy RPG take on the long-running Zoids series, brings all of the above and more to the Xbox 360® this August.


Zoids Assault Achievements

Rent-A-PilotRent-A-Pilot50 Points
Here's a token achievement.
Zoid CrusherZoid Crusher75 Points
You eat enemy Zoids for breakfast.
Scourge of JamilScourge of Jamil100 Points
Jamil soldiers fear your Zoids' wrath.
Pride of MarollPride of Maroll125 Points
Your success brings honor to Maroll.
Mace-6Mace-6200 Points
Honorary 6th Member of the Mace Squad.
Defeated UNKNOWN-1Defeated UNKNOWN-1100 Points
Congratulations. You destroyed a new Zoid prototype.
Defeated UNKNOWN-2Defeated UNKNOWN-2150 Points
You have found and destroyed the second Zoid prototype.
Defeated UNKNOWN-3Defeated UNKNOWN-3200 Points
That was the final Zoid prototype. Good work, Mace Squad.


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